Racing and Results

NSSC has a full calendar of Racing from Seaford throughout Spring and Summer, moving across to Piddinghoe Lake for the Winter series. Don’t worry about the picture: we don’t need the Newhaven lifeboat when we race! But they do their training on a Sunday morning when we race.

All results are final for that series or cup unless shown as “interim”.

NSSC Racing Results 2022

Wednesday Evening Series 1 (interim)

Spring Series (interim)

Tufton Beamish Cup

Bosun’s Cup

Duncan Dash

Winter Numbum Series

New Year’s Day Race

NSSC Racing Results 2021

Freeman Iceberg

Autumn Series

Summer Series (Cat fleet)

Summer Series (Overall)

Sailing Week (PM fast and slow fleets)

Sailing Week (PM)

Sailing Week (PM Piddinghoe)

Sailing Week (Miller Cup)

Sailing Week (AM Seaford)

Sailing Week (AM Piddinghoe)

Cadet Week (Topper)

Cadet Week (Laser)

Cadet Week (Optimist)

Cadet Week (Duck)

Federation Cup

Friar’s Bay

Pursuit Race

Seaford Games Tourney Cup

Sussex Express Cup

Streaker Open

Wednesday Evening Series 2

Wednesday Evening Series 1


Tufton Beamish Cup

Spring Series (overall)

Spring Series (menagerie)

Spring Series (laser)

Spring Series (catamaran)

Bosun’s Cup

NSSC Racing Results  2020

Freeman Iceberg

Burfoot Cup

Cup Winners’ Cup

Autumn Series

Bart’s Bash & Class Championships

Bart’s Bash & Class Championships Fleets (final) results

Seahaven Cup results 

Cadet Week Optimists results 

Cadet week Toppers results

Cadet Week Lasers results

Long distance results 

Summer Series overall results 

Summer Series fleets results 

Tufton Beamish Cup (final) results

Sailing Week PM Series (final) results 

Sailing Week PM Series Radial Class (final) results 

Sailing Week AM Series (final) results 

Sailing Week Len Miller Cup (final) results 

Wednesday Series 1 (final) results 

Commodore Cup overall (final) results 

Commodore Cup Laser Radials (final) results

Virtual racing: May (final) results 

Virtual racing: April (final) results 

Duncan Dash Series (final) results 

Elford Numbum Series (final) results 

New Year’s Day Race (Laurence Venus Cup) (final) results