Instructor Training 2022

In 2022 we’re offering two dinghy instructor courses, and the details are below. One is for adults (minimum age 16) learning to be Dinghy Instructors, and one for young competent sailors under 16 learning to be Assistant Dinghy Instructors. If you have any queries, contact our training team:


Learn, to RYA standards, how to be a dinghy instructor. You’ll need to be able to demonstrate good sailing skills to be accepted onto the course and there’ll be a pre-assessment:

  • Minimum age is 16 yrs
  • Experienced sailor in all conditions
  • Have a valid Powerboat Level 2 certificate
  • Hold a valid First Aid certificate.
  • Hold an RYA Safe and Fun certificate
  • Have a copy of the RYA G14 Instructor Handbook (available from the RYA Bookshop)

All candidates must pass the pre- assessment demonstrating  the following skills:

  • Sail around a triangular course of 100m (minimum) legs to the best of their ability using all the boat’s normal equipment, including spinnaker if carried. 
  • Sail a tight circular course around a stationary boat, making only one tack and one gybe.
  • Sail a ‘follow my leader’ course behind another boat.  The course may include all points of sailing and may be behind another sailing dinghy or behind a powered boat. 
  • Pick up a man overboard dummy; the boat to be stopped and more than one attempt should not be needed.   

The candidate may also be asked to complete some of the following: 

  • Sail without a rudder, or with the tiller on a loose elastic, around a triangular course.  You will be expected to make good progress around the course in a seamanlike manner (not applicable to keelboat or multihull instructor candidates). 
  • Lee shore landing and departure 
  • Anchor or pick up a mooring – wind against tide (if appropriate)        
  • Come alongside a moored boat – wind against tide (if appropriate) 
  • Recover a capsized dinghy and sail away (not keelboats) 

The dates are:

Pre-assessment: Saturday 12th February, then Monday to Friday, 14th to 18th February.

The course fee is £295 for non-members.  If the candidate requires more time for preparation, as identified at the pre-assessment, and is not ready for the training, £245 will be refunded or credited for a later course.

 The course fee is £195 for members. The pre-assessment is free of charge.

Book the course here.

Click on the file name below to view the full specification, or the “Download” button to download it:


This course is for young competent sailors (members’ families only) who are not yet old enough (16), to do the RYA Dinghy Instructors Course (see above). It’s for anyone 14 years old or older.

The dates for this course are Saturday 2nd April (9-4), Monday 4th April (4-8), Thursday 7th April (4-8), and Saturday 23rd April (9-4). You’ll need to book on webcollect here but there is no fee.

Click on the file name below to view the full specification, or the “Download” button to download it: