RYA Adult Beginners’ Courses: Level 1 & 2

At the core of our adult dinghy sailing training are the RYA Level 1 and Level 2 courses. Level 1 is for those who have never sailed before while Level 2 follows on from that to give you more skills and independence. Most people do the two together. Each are two-day courses and we run them from spring to autumn giving you the choice of formats: over two weekends, over four Saturdays or straight through from a Thursday to Sunday. This last one is also available for children provided they have a parent on the course as well.

This 4 day course introduces adults with little or no experience to the world of sailing. This practical course on the water, covers theory, safety, boat controls, points of sailing, capsize dinghy recovery, rules of the road, background knowledge and much more, guided by our team of both young and mature instructors at a maximum ratio of 6 trainees to 1 Instructor.

On satisfactory completion you will be awarded the RYA Dinghy Level 1 and/or 2 certificates and you will be competent to sail a dinghy safely in light to moderate winds. The fee includes the certificates, handbook and logbook.

Trainees and guests have temporary free membership while enjoying training or activities.


Spring Course 2024  Adults

Level 1: dates to be supplied

Level 2: dates to be supplied

Summer Course 2023 Adults and children

Level 1: dates to be supplied

Level 2: dates to be supplied

Autumn Course 2023  Adults

Level 1: dates to be supplied

Level 2: dates to be supplied

Fees.   All 4 days for Level 1 and 2: to be supplied

2 days only for Level 1 OR Level 2: to be supplied

There’s a description of what it’s like to have this training here: Training Experience.

If you need more information on the courses don’t hesitate to contact the training team: trainingnssc@nssc.org.uk.

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