The Training Experience: Dinghy

Training with Newhaven and Seaford Sailing Club is all about fun, sociability and easy learning. The water-based sailing are held at Piddinghoe where we have all the necessary facilities. There’s a dedicated training room where theory is explained close to where the training boats are launched and the practical side of the training takes place. Naturally, we have all the changing and toilet facilities there as well, plus a galley area where you can make yourself a hot drink and sit-down with your packed lunch. Mostly however, except in bad weather, you’ll be outside for the day, either on the bank of the lake or on the water. Theory is kept to a minimum and we’ll get you on the water from day one.

We have a set of sail boats dedicated to dinghy training. They can take the instructor plus a few trainees, so you can learn directly from the instructor and from each other. So if this is your first experience of sailing you’ll be in a safe, controlled environment where mistakes will not be disastrous and where you have great opportunity to learn.

After the initial training in the training boats, or if you’re on a more advanced course, you’ll soon be let out on the water in one of our single-handed boats. Yes, you will capsize but you will have had all the training to recover from a dunking and a powered safety boat will be on hand to give every assistance.

There will be a good ratio of instructors to trainees (governed by RYA rules) so it will not be far off one-to-one instruction.

Piddinghoe is a beautiful location and in the breaks in the training there’s nowhere better to sit-down, watch others sail and talk about what you’re learning. You can even camp there (small fee applies) if your course goes over two or more days.

We’ll supply all the necessary equipment plus buoyancy aids so all you have to bring are old clothes, shoes that don’t mind getting wet, a packed lunch and a change of clothing. All this will be made clear in your joining instructions.

At the end of the course you’ll have a book and a record of what you’ve done and, we hope, a certificate.

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