Let’s Get Social Again

Remember when we could meet each other, have a drink together and have a good argument over a pint or two? Well, we hope it’ll all be coming back soon. Government permitting, we should be allowed back into our club-house from Monday May 17th. OK, there’ll still be social distancing, table-service only, we’ll have to wear masks when standing, not mingle, not be in groups greater then six (or two families) etc etc but it will be a significant step on the road to normality.

The club is intending to give the social scene a bit of a boost this year. The thinking is that a lively social scene leads to more member-involvement, more volunteering, more sailing and more renewed memberships. We have a new social secretary to give this a boost. Many of you will know Greg Anderson either as a keen wind-surfer, or in the day-time as your go-to person to break through locks. He is contactable on socialsecnssc@nssc.org.uk and would love to hear from you with ideas and offers of help.

Greg is currently working with Nicola from Papachino’s @ The Galley to hold a quiz-night on May 21st. These are always popular and our keen quiz-masters, Dick and Brian, will be dusting off their encyclopaedias to get your brain-cells buzzing again. More details to follow. Because of the restrictions we’ll be operating under, this is likely to be members-only with no guests and pre-booking is probably going to be the order of the day.